5.8 | Yellowstone Mysteries - True Park Ranger Stories, Bigfoot, Buffalo Abduction!

May 06, 2023, 12:54 AM

Get ready to be immersed in the strangeness of Yellowstone Mysteries. UFO Buffalo Abduction, Strange Disappearances and Yellowstone's Secret Sasquatch Problem.

"In the northwest reaches of Wyoming sits Yellowstone National Park - over 2 million acres of protected land where the wonders of the wild are preserved within its fierce tranquility. But within its volcanic forests, what secrets lurk?

Where whispers of the missing are mingled with steam from deadly thermal springs of deceiving beauty, and horrifying encounters with unknown creatures echo with the roar of the grizzly, and where buffalo are stalked and slaughtered (reportedly hunted) by strange crafts in the sky.

Join us on this episode of Belief Hole as we traverse this strange enchanting terrain and uncover the hidden world of Yellowstone National Park."

(Special Thanks to Lindsay Maves! for Post Production Assistance!)

🔥 Expansion Episode:
5.8 EXP - Yellowstone Horror! Strange Hums, Spirits, Vampires and Volcanic Doom!

đź“šFull Episode Show Notes:

00:00 | Episode Trailer
03:37 | Coming up: Yellowstone’s First Strange Disappearance, REAL Park Ranger Horror Stories, Yellowstone’s Hidden Bigfoot Problem, Yellowstone Zone of Death and UFO Buffalo Abduction!
08:25 | Imagine Being there - Discovery of Yellowstone - The Place Where Hell Bubbled Up
16:19 | National Parks Missing People Statistics
22:23 | First Yellowstone Disappearance - L. R. Piper and the Fountain Hotel
28:15 | Yellowstone Ranger Encounters Bigfoot | Bob Jackson | Story
34:39 | Expansion Discussion: Strange Deaths, Yellowstone Vampires, the Super Volcano Question, Spirits, Strange Hums, and Lake Music
38:51 | Yellowstone’s Zone of Death
44:25 | Is Bigfoot Taking People? - Sasquatch Abduction in the West - Native Lore Connection
50:56 | Montana Tent Attack | John Mionczynski | Story
1:02:26 | Bill and the Buffalo Drop | UFO Bison Abduction | Encounters With Star People | Story
1:12:57 | Member Thank Yous!

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