How The New BTK 'Investigation' Is Turning Into A Circus

Oct 16, 2023, 01:00 PM

Is a long-standing feud between two key figures in Osage County putting justice at risk? An episode of the podcast "Hidden Killers" brings to light an escalating dispute between Sheriff Eddie Virden and District Attorney Mike Fisher over an investigation into a potential murder linked to the notorious BTK killer in the 1970s.
 According to the transcript, the contention between the two officials has reached its boiling point with a lawsuit filed by Virden against Fisher. The root cause? Comments made by Fisher that the sheriff's investigation is more about gaining publicity and furthering political ambitions than serving justice. As quoted in the podcast, Osage County Sheriff Eddie Virden alleges that Mike Fisher had even gone as far as contacting elderly families of the murder victims and discouraging them from cooperating.
 The podcast hosts, Tony Brueski and Robin Dreeke, provide an insightful discussion into this dispute. Brueski describes it as a "bizarre small town fight" while Dreeke sees it as a clash of two self-serving biases. Dreeke poses an essential question: "Who's his [Virden's] loving critic?" emphasizing the need for a voice of reason in such intense situations. The focus should be on the interests of the case and the families, rather than personal gains.
 Another twist in the tale is the upcoming political election, where Fisher is backing Virden's opponent. This adds another layer to the already complex narrative, as some suggest that the entire investigation could be a publicity stunt.
 Brueski and Dreeke also delve into the nationwide task force Virden has formed to investigate the potential BTK link. The group includes prominent names, some of which, like Nancy Grace, raise eyebrows and further fuel the publicity versus justice debate. Dreeke aptly remarks that while the intent behind creating the task force might be noble, its execution is questionable.
 Throughout their conversation, both hosts gravitate back to the true victims of this political and ego-driven saga: the families. As the dispute gets messier and more public, these families face further heartache, uncertain about the possibility of justice for their loved ones.
 Dreeke touches on a poignant point, emphasizing that while numerous investigators work diligently behind the scenes, delivering justice quietly, this public feud has overshadowed their tireless efforts. The potential secondary motives, perhaps even unbeknownst to the parties involved, raise serious concerns about the true intentions behind the investigation.
 In concluding the podcast episode, Dreeke laments, "There's a lot of phenomenal investigators out there doing the hard work every day... And the fact that we're hearing so much about this, it makes you question another motive that they might not even be aware of."
 The intriguing revelations from the "Hidden Killers" episode paint a vivid picture of the complexities and personal dynamics that can cloud criminal investigations. As egos battle and political ambitions intertwine with justice, one can't help but wonder: In the end, who really benefits? And, perhaps more importantly, who truly suffers?
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