Will Sheriff & DA's In-Fighting Destroy New BTK Investigation?

Oct 16, 2023, 09:00 PM

In the heart of Wichita, Kansas, a haunting shadow of the notorious BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill) killer, real name Dennis Rader, still lingers even after decades of his reign of terror. A recent episode of the podcast "Hidden Killers," hosted by Tony Brueski, delves deep into a hot topic: a potential link between Rader and a 1976 murder in Oklahoma. But instead of solving cold cases, what surfaces is a surprising turn of events involving clashing personalities, lawsuits, and politics.
 During the discussion, Tony Brueski and guest Eric Faddis, a former Felony Prosecutor and attorney, analyze the current state of the investigation. Amidst the turmoil stands Sheriff Eddie Virden and District Attorney Mike Fisher, both holding conflicting opinions on the involvement of the BTK killer in the Oklahoma case.
 Fisher recently commented on the lack of substantial evidence to tie Rader to the case. Contrarily, Virden is steadfast in his belief. In his commitment, he's even set up a nationwide task force with reputable investigative forces.
 However, there's more to the story. Virden, known for his flamboyance and tendency to display evidence on television, is now suing DA Mike Fisher for libel. Fisher, a supporter of Virden's opponent in the upcoming elections, made what Virden calls "uninformed and ignorant comments" about his investigation into BTK. Virden's lawsuit, coupled with his constant quest for media attention, seems more like a personal vendetta than a quest for justice.
 Eric Faddis sheds light on the dynamics, saying, "When I was a prosecutor... this is a conversation that is part of a law enforcement coalition in investigating a murder. Here, we have it very public." The publicized discord is alarming. With a lawsuit between law enforcement entities, a different prosecutor's office might have to be brought in. This could set the case back to square one.
 The real question is: What does Virden gain by suing the district attorney? Faddis opines, "I think if there was something solid there, the district attorney would be all about it." All evidence points to old leads that don't solidify the connection to BTK. Yet, Virden's lawsuit, seemingly motivated by personal interests, could further hinder the investigation and prolong closure for the victim's families.
 Faddis adds, "If this sheriff would have come to me with this idea, that likely would have been my response. In terms of bringing a lawsuit... he kind of likes the attention. He likes the publicity."
 At the center of this turmoil, the forgotten voices are those of the victim's families. Eric Faddis, empathizing with their situation, highlights, "You have this atrocity that stole unfairly your loved one forever... and then, oh, it's completely screwed over by infighting amongst law enforcement entities." It's a gut-wrenching roller coaster for these families, with the very entities meant to bring them justice at loggerheads.
 The underlying truth remains: the investigation into the BTK killer's potential connection to the 1976 Oklahoma murder is being overshadowed by the political chess game. Yet, the public can only hope that amidst the chaos, the truth surfaces.
 As the case seesaws between truth and turmoil, one has to wonder: will justice be a casualty in the power dynamics of law enforcement?
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