Now Show - Euro Crisis

Jun 08, 2012, 06:07 PM

Some evening comedy on Radio 4 is, well, 'take it or leave it', but comedy should be like that. 'The Now Show' on Fridays though, is stunning. Delicious, topical writing and perfect presentation.

Here's a great example I heard when driving home, and I rushed in to preserve it for the nation (albeit, I suspect the Corporation is well-able to do that for itself).

It is a protracted analogy of the Euro-zone crisis. Enjoy.

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SteveF40024576 - over 5 years ago

I too heard it and listened again online.
Now it is gone from the BBC but thanks to you preserving it, I can share it with my friends. France and Germany! - excellent!
Ideally you'd have the smurf sketch before it so folk get that too...