Ahsoka and Friends

Episode 146,   Oct 16, 2023, 08:50 AM

Welcome back to "Disney, Eh?", the Disney travel podcast from a Canadian perspective. Join us - Brandon and Krysta - for a "Disney Plus and Chill" episode. Major spoiler warning because this week it's all about Ahsoka! We summarize, analyze, and hypothesize all about this series. Why is it the most 'Star Wars" show Brandon has seen in a long time? What is that literal cliff-hanger all about? Just how on earth does this show fit into our 'spooky season' vibes? And if there was a drink named after Ahsoka, what on earth would be in it? Plus, our spoiler-free gut reaction to the latest episode of Loki season 2 and some of the big Disney news catching our attention this week.

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