Exciting, Changing, Unpredictable: The Life and Times of Lord Heseltine

Episode 161,   Oct 18, 2023, 05:00 AM

Change Makers returns and we're joined by former Deputy Prime Minister and co-founder of Haymarket, Lord Heseltine.

Michael paid a visit to the spectacular Thenford Arboretum and Gardens for this inspiring conversation with a beast of the political jungle. Lord Heseltine remains as sharp today as he was at the dispatch box, even aged 90 and with his famous blonde mane now a snowy white. 

From the lemonade stand that made him to how Liverpool changed him, and the legacy he sees for himself, you'll hear honest insights into the life of one of the UK's most consequential public figures in the 20th century. Did he really try to bring down Thatcher? Why does he think Brexit was a century-defining mistake? And is this political titan in fact a more reserved figure than his public persona emits?

You can listen to this episode through all your usual podcast platforms, or watch it on our website changemakers.works to see the full beauty of Thenford Gardens and the three surprise guests who tried to disrupt the fun!