Episode 323 - Andrew Smith of Savory Fund

Oct 19, 2023, 11:00 AM

Andrew Smith of Savory Fund joins the show today. Andrew speaks with Eric about the creation of Savory Fund, going from a few units to over 100 in a span of 10 years, identifying what brands are good to become a Savory Fund restaurant, how the process works, discovering Saigon Hustle through their $1 million restaurant launch, Savory Fund restaurants coming to Houston, why Houston was a good fit for the restaurants brand they're bringing to the city, bringing multiple VIA313 locations to Houston, deciding to bring Hash Kitchen to Houston amidst a competitive breakfast concept landscape in Houston, how Savory Fund is different when compared to VC's that buy restaurant brands that then focus on cost cutting rather than delivering high quality food to consumers, what's next for Savory Fund, and more! 

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