Operation and Pain to Maintenance with Susie Sprigg

Season 5, Episode 2,   Oct 18, 2023, 06:00 AM

Welcome to season 5 of the mindfulness Pilates podcast, I’m Beverley Densham Pilates Teacher of over 25 years & Author. I really look forward to bringing you tips to reduce back pain and feel good, relaxation, positive affirmations, and inspiration every week to inspire you in body and mind for more relaxation, stretching, core stability, back strength, better mental health and happiness. 

About Susie Sprigg:
As an accomplished business professional and people specialist, Susie brings a wide variety of expertise and energy to all that she does. Whether that is 1-2-1, or in her coaching programmes.  Using her decades of experience, Susie transforms individuals and businesses by helping them to solve the biggest mystery of them all – people!
With her energetic and fresh approach to business and life, Susie helps heart-centred women to feel confident and communicate effectively with the people around them.
Both at work and at home.

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Love Bev
Beverley Densham

Mindfulness Pilates teacher & Author

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Ps Always consult a doctor & practitioner such as a Physiotherapist when you’re experiencing aches & pains