The importance of healing in our life with Melissa

Season 2, Episode 6,   Oct 18, 2023, 06:33 AM

Today we are joined by a dear teacher, Melissa. 

Melissa is an incredible being and a yoga teacher. She is guiding classes, workshops, ceremonies, retreats, Yoga Teacher trainings, works with the sound and different healing modalities. Melissa knows the power of the breath, movement, stillness, intention and connection. Her mission in life is to help people to reconnect to their bodies so they can thrive within who they are. 

We met at yoga teacher training a few years back and felt connected. 

Everyone who connects to Melissa steps a few steps further into their healing journey and she is amazed for the opportunity to live on this planet earth. 

5 Things You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  1. How much are we as a society conditioned to live the life we think we want to live?
  2. Melissa’s moment of awakening which set a completely different direction of her life.
  3. The power of the movement, breath and voice we have especially as women.
  4. Why we are constantly going through a healing journey and the importance of it.
  5. The key points of the Mayan way of living and how each of us can find freedom within ourselves.
And so much more love! 

Make sure to join and have fun together learning about the importance of healing in our lives and how it can be done with dedication of some time for yourself. 

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