Taylor Lautner Needs a Job

Episode 314,   Oct 19, 12:00 AM

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Cody and Noel react to Taylor Lautner’s recent backflip performance and the woman who ate 48 oysters on a first date. Plus, they discuss a $39,000 fossilized turd, some current wellness trends and invent some new ones.

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0:00 Still Waking Up
1:35 Intro
2:42 The Taylor Lautner Backflip
10:17 Lautner in Taylor Swift’s Music Video
12:06 DoorDash
13:44 Sharkboy Choreo
17:07 Cody’s Splits
19:22 Noel’s VIOLENT Dream
22:57 Drunk News Host Promo
25:05 Audible
26:51 Comedy Special Comments & Clips
28:52 Optimal Morning Routine
30:41 Non-Sleep Deep Rest
34:54 Inventing Optimal Living Habits
38:54 BetterHelp
40:17 Rebranding Men’s Health
42:08 Cold Plunges vs Coke
44:04 Optimal Routine Privillage
46:08 The New Lil Texas Drop
49:09 The Largest Fossilized Poop 
54:14 Cody Throws Up
56:37 The Challenge
58:24 The Beckham Documentary
1:01:42 STILL Gross
1:02:54 48 Oysters Tiktok
1:09:19 We Got in Trouble… BYE!