Walt Dohrn chats Trolls: Band Together, Mikey Murray, Steve Oram & Eilis Cahill talk Mind-Set. Plus your Tip Top 5 Martin Scorsese films & more!

Episode 21,   Oct 19, 2023, 04:23 PM

Welcome to a podcast that doesn't make you wait for the band to get back together - we do it every week! Join us for another exciting installment of your favorite film podcast, "We're Gonna Need A Bigger Pod." Hosted by Jon Brown and Paul Marsh, this show boasts enough guest stars to assemble a rather questionable band, and they're ready to rock the cinematic world.

On this week's episode, we have a star-studded lineup:

  • Walt Dorhn, director of the latest installment in the Trolls series, "Trolls: Band Together," joins us to share insights on how a movie like this comes together and discusses the incredible star power of the cast.

  • Paul catches up with director Mikey Murray and the lead actors in his film "Mind-Set," Steve Oram and Eilis Cahill. They dive into a film that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, making you laugh and cry within minutes of each other.

  • The Tip Top 5 this week is a special tribute to the legendary Martin Scorsese as he releases his latest masterpiece, "Killers of the Flower Moon." Jon, Paul, and the listeners share their top 5 movies from Scorsese's illustrious filmography.

Of course, you can expect all the usual news, views, and reviews that you've come to love, along with a surprise or two. It's a podcast that celebrates the magic of cinema while delivering plenty of entertainment and insight. Join us for another unforgettable episode of "We're Gonna Need A Bigger Pod" - because every week deserves a dose of cinematic brilliance!

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