Culture killers lurking at your veterinary practice

Episode 218,   Oct 25, 2023, 09:00 PM

Matt McGlasson, DVM, CVPM, is a passionate, customer-focused leader in the Animal Health industry with over 17 years of experience in leading multiple hospitals through creative clinic management, professional development, and quality improvement. He has a successful track record of establishing innovative care systems, mentoring programs, and social media marketing initiatives to boost brand awareness and humanize Veterinary Medicine. Within his current role as chief medical officer, he built and rolled out a mentoring program to help the transition for first-year doctors, including effective goal-setting, communication skills, financial advising from a CFP, doctor best practices, and other personal and professional development topics. McGlasson is a Certified Fear Free Practitioner, Certified “Cat Friendly Veterinarian” by AAFP, and a member of the AVMA, VHMA, and AAFP. He currently serves as the Northern Kentucky Representative on the Executive Board of the KVMA and serves on the Veterinary Advisory Board for BasePaws, and the Editorial Advisory Board of dvm360 magazine. 

As a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager, he represents a group of fewer than 40 DVMs in the United States with the CVPM certification. His articles have been featured in dvm360 magazine and he has spoken at national veterinary conferences on the topics of practice management, practice culture, and finding joy in veterinary medicine. In 2022, he was awarded the Veterinary Hero Award in the category of Practice Management from dvm360. Throughout McGlasson's career, he also seeks to bring personality and fun to the animal health industry. He has redefined methods for content development and education within the industry by operating engaging veterinary-themed social media accounts and amassing over 1.2 million followers with well over 150 million video views. McGlasson is passionate about growing and supporting the future leaders of our profession. He believes that veterinary professionals will thrive if given the opportunity to be a part of a healthy culture and have continuous support.