Buka III: Bill Snavely, Chris Williamson & the Dependable Engines Association

Season 3, Episode 8,   Oct 28, 2023, 10:57 PM

You know what’s really wild? 

You never know when to stop pursuing something. When it seems hopeless - sometimes, you get a hand from a source you never dreamed possible. The following audio is only possible because of the folks over at Pratt & Whitney’s Dependable Engines Association who were kind enough to invite project guest Bill Snavely to discuss the latest discoveries out at Buka - and a mysterious crash site that’s become the center of the Amelia Earhart Investigation. 

You’ve been asking me for years. Now, in a very special episode of the show, all that was discovered during Buka 2 is finally revealed. 

This is myself and Bill Snavely in a conversation with Pratt & Whitney’s Dependable Engines Association.


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