Chronic Fatigue Management & Q&A

Season 5, Episode 3,   Nov 01, 2023, 07:00 AM

CAUTION ADVISED: This episode contains an example of a work colleague of Bevs, Rosie who was murdered and didn't turn up to work, she was a Pilates teacher at Bevs Pilates studios, it was a traumatic time, Rosie was a light in this world. Sending love Rosie.

Onto the episide: 
This episode was inspired by Anna Marsh, after being interviewed on the Chronic Fatigue and Burnout Recovery Podcast, Anna asked me the question: Do you have specific Mindfulness Pilates classes for chronic fatigue? At the time I didn't but said was open to it, although regularly teach clients who have an ME or chronic fatigue or long covid diagnosis, but good news, thanks to this question, there are now free taster classes on zoom for Chronic fatigue management Mindfulness Pilates classes, regular classes and 121 programmes. Thank you Anna for this inspiration. 

There are maximum 5 clients in the beginners and taster classes, maximum 10 clients in classes so that they are high quality, tailored to you, there is individual attention and you can work at both the right level for you personally as well as work in a good alignment and technique. 

This episode includes a 3 minute movement meditation to calm the mind and boost your energy and mood.