The Future of Pharma QC is Automation and Digitalization

Episode 14,   Nov 03, 2023, 11:06 AM

Anke Hossfeld (Merck) joins us in this podcast episode on Automation and Digitalization to share her experience on why pharma labs must adapt to the trend to meet Industry 4.0 demands and why choosing the right partner is key.
[2:00] Merck’s Automation and Digitalization Strategy
[3:25] Skilled labor challenges in Pharma
[4:05] Pharma needs automation (advantages and constraints)
[7:25] Establishing a network of expertise is key to implementing automation
[9:51] Merck’s solutions for Robust contamination control strategies
[12:15] Pilot projects on robots performing QC sampling in cleanroom
[13:37] Automation and digitalization are assisting microbiologists
[15:49] Merck’s M-Trace software for data integrity
[17:35] Pharma wants harmonization of supply
[20:18]: Merck meets Industry 5.0 goals

Anke Hossfeld, Director Marketing – Automation & Digitalization, Science & Lab solutions - Biomonitoring, Merck, Darmstadt, Germany

Anke Hossfeld is Director of Marketing for Automation and Digitalization at Merck in Darmstadt, Germany. She is responsible for the innovation strategy of new products for microbial QC testing in the pharmaceutical industry using automation, robotics, and digitization. Anke started her career in 2008 at Biotest AG as International Product Manager for alternative pyrogen and mycoplasma tests. In 2011, Anke joined Merck in Darmstadt as Global Product Manager and has since been responsible for the product portfolio, life cycle management, and new product developments in various QC applications such as bioburden, sterility, pyrogen, and rapid technologies.