DEEP DIVE: Simulation Theory - Evidence is Everywhere

Episode 504,   Nov 08, 2023, 04:11 PM


Is this reality? Well, we're experiencing ... something right now so maybe the better question is: what is reality?

Could everything we see, everything we experience, everything that exists in our entire universe -- be artificial?

Supporters of Simulation Theory believe that not only is it possible that we're living in a simulation; it's likely.

And the more we look for evidence, the more we find.

Philip K Dick believed deja vu was the simulation adjusting to new code. Many people experience The Mandela Effect, a or "false memory" shared by a large number of people.

But the biggest clues of Simulation Theory come from science. Specifically: quantum mechanics. The only way the Double-Slit Experiment makes sense is if we live in a program. Quantum Entanglement also defies logic. Only our program would have the ability to defy the laws of physics - and the concept of time.

Let's find out why.