Episode 190: Where In The World Is Newton Scamander?

Nov 12, 2023, 03:00 PM

  • Thanks to this week’s Patreon supporter, Margie!
  • Phoenix Register: stop telling Geoff that having a kid with a birthday so close to Christmas is going to be rough!! (note from Ann: as a day-after-Christmas baby, IT IS ROUGH THOUGH)
  • For actual news: Did WB actually commit to five FB movies, or was that just wishful thinking?
  • We break down the infamous ‘five’ Tweet with what we know now.
  • Owl Post: Jerri shares her theme park thoughts!
  • Listeners, do we need an All-Day Geoff Podcast Marathon?
  • Owl-bert suggests an expansion of the FB universe.
  • Can one person truly encapsulate Dumbledore?
  • Someone please cancel Liz on TikTok. Please.
  • Main Discussion: the other countries we’d like to see Newt and the squad travel to!
  • We suggest Brazil, Canada, and a lot of other places!
  • Caiporas vs nifflers: who would win?
  • We like the cold mostly for the iconic outerwear.
  • This is a surprisingly lake-monster-heavy episode.
  • Fun fact: It is illegal to pretend to be a witch in Canada!
  • The children haven’t done the research!
  • Time-Turner: Art Deco!
  • Art nouveau vs art deco
  • You can read the Lonely Planet article Carolyn references here.

Podcast Question: Where would you like to see Newt and the gang go?