The Opposite of Standing (ft Brian Jordan Alvarez)

Episode 318,   Nov 16, 01:00 AM

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Brian Jordan Alvarez joins us on MARS! He shares how he started releasing music and his approach to a perfect Australian accent. Plus, a woman who recycles her period blood, the irony of Magic Johnson’s name, positive affirmations and some classic pickle ASMR. 

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0:00 Suck It, Elon
1:10 Intro
2:14 Brian’s Writers Room
6:22 Crushed by ROBOT
7:58 TikToks on 2x Speed
9:03 No Case iPhoners
11:35 The McDonald’s App
13:21 Recycling Period Water
17:07 Diva Cup Deep Dive
20:01 The Australian “R”  
21:04 Love Island Hunger Games
26:32 SeatGeek
28:08 The LOUDEST Fire Alarm
32:39 Forehead Tat & Brittney Spears  
36:51 Brian’s Nephew
37:47 Brian’s Future in Music
40:21 Creative Releases
44:01 Audible
45:59 Using Your Own Creative Workflow
48:51 TJ Mack LIVE
51:15 Noel’s Upcoming Shows
52:56 TMG x TJ Mack Collab
55:07 Subscribe to TMG Studios!
57:10 Dark Horse TJ Mack
58:00 Positive Affirmations
59:10 Fastest Marathon  
1:02:08 Magic Johnson Irony
1:03:04 Our Favorite Cody Tiktoks
1:05:31 Noel’s Best Tiktoks
1:06:24 Pickle ASMR
1:10:16 Watching With an Audience
1:12:27 Why Isn’t This Viral?
1:13:36 Stream DENTIST
1:16:30 Heading to the BoneZone