Motherhood Unfiltered: The 4 Pillars to Balance and Thrive with Professional Coaches Emma Gill & Ekaterina Ward

Season 3, Episode 6,   Nov 16, 2023, 12:31 AM

What does owning your power actually mean and how do you sustain it on daily basis? How do you authentically sell your skills, strengths, experience, and services at work or as a business owner? In this podcast we hand over the mic to professional Career Coaches, Emma Gill and Ekaterina Ward. They advocate for reframing the fear of truly owning and claiming your power, strengths and desires. And discuss 3 main things to help you do the same.
  1. Authenticity – accessing the truth of who you are.
  2. Seizing the moment – don’t wait. January won’t bring new opportunities. You will.
  3. BIG vision and purposeful decision making

Ekaterina brings a wealth of experience helping women business owners to increase their energy, income and impact and feel good without sacrificing their own and family needs.
Emma works with women making career changes to feel confident, authentic and purposeful when returning to the work or securing their promotion.

Together they mix their different perspectives together to make a refreshing and stimulating coaching cocktail (no alcohol necessary!).

They invite listeners to get excited and lean into their ambition and start taking decisive action. Now.
For more information about Ekaterina and Emma, and to enquire about working with them, visit the Careering into Motherhood website.