Thursday, November 16: The TikToker Who Discovered The Worst Christmas Song Ever; Bridgeport's New Primary; Who Has Been To The Most Concerts?

Nov 16, 2023, 04:45 PM

The world's worst Christmas song was recorded in 1975, mentions New Haven, and somehow is just being uncovered by the general population. Most of that is due to a now viral TikTok. Laura, the original poster of that viral TikTok, was on with Chaz and AJ this morning to shed some light on the song and how she first heard it. (0:00)

Bridgeport's mayor, Joe Ganim was on to talk about the date for a new primary election in January. He also doubled-down on his appearance at the Chaz and AJ Toy Drive on December 8, agreeing to duet with his opponent, John Gomes. (6:48)

Who has been to the most concerts? Chaz and AJ asked the Tribe to share stories from some of the most memorable shows they've attended, and make a guess as to how many they've been to. Some estimated it to be about 500 or more! (16:17)