The Twisted Trauma Bonds of Donna Adelson & Family

Nov 21, 2023, 02:00 PM

What happens when a family's twisted dynamics lead to the most heinous of crimes? This question forms the backdrop of the recent discussion on the "Hidden Killers" podcast, where host Tony Brueski and retired FBI Special Agent Robin Dreeke delved into the disturbing case involving Charles Adelson and his mother, Donna Adelson, both charged with the first-degree murder of Dan Markle, Charles's brother-in-law.
 The case, which Robin Dreeke described as an "Adelson Murder Mess," offers a glimpse into the perplexing psychology of a family embroiled in a murder-for-hire plot. The involvement of Donna Adelson, dubbed the "mother-in-law from hell," raises questions about her influence over her children and her role as the possible ringleader in this tragic scenario. “It really is at its core domestic abuse, hardcore domestic abuse taken to that next level,” Dreeke noted, emphasizing the unusual nature of this case.
 The podcast discussion highlighted the aberrant family dynamics and the psychological mechanisms that might have led to such extreme actions. “When you Establish a pattern of what normal looks like in someone's life of crazy. It becomes part of that crazy,” Dreeke explained. This notion of ‘normalizing the abnormal’ within a family setting is a critical factor in understanding how a family could collectively rationalize a murder plot.
 Dreeke also introduced the concept of "trauma bonding," where victims of abuse become psychologically attached to their abusers. This could potentially explain the Adelson family's descent into criminality. He speculated, "You can cascade trauma bonding with bad problem solving with rage issues and you wind up with a mess like this."
 The case's dynamics also raise questions about the broader circle of involvement. While Charles and his mother Donna are currently the only family members charged, the extent of the family’s knowledge or participation remains a topic of speculation. “I think there's going to be definitely more information and data that will come out that we're unaware of right now,” Dreeke pondered, hinting at the possibility of other family members facing charges or coming forward as witnesses.
 The Adelson case stands as a stark reminder of how familial influence, combined with dysfunctional problem-solving and unchecked emotional issues, can lead to catastrophic decisions. The discussion on "Hidden Killers" paints a picture of a family where the lines between love, control, and abuse were blurred, resulting in a tragedy that shattered lives.
 As the legal proceedings continue, one can't help but wonder: What other secrets lie within the Adelson family, and how will they shape the outcome of this already shocking case? This case not only highlights the extreme consequences of dysfunctional family dynamics but also challenges our understanding of the lengths to which people will go to resolve personal conflicts.
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