Are we at the end of the road?

Season 18, Episode 5,   Nov 20, 2023, 09:23 PM

Are we at the end of the road

The Green Brigade - ostensibly a small group of fanatical “ultra” supporters below the age of 30 so who better to discuss their behaviours than a group of aging middle aged fans…?

Hullbhoy, Lawrence, Eddie & I appreciate that none of us share the likely demographic of the supporters group that we discuss, but Celtic is a broad church with fans from 1-100 and all within that spectrum are entitled to their views.  Online is principally in one place on the GBand so one element that we discuss is whether the wider fan base are broadly supportive of the GB and their actions or whether there is a “silent majority” who passionately disapprove.  Like all things the truth is probably somewhere between these two positions.

In general (and this is not a judgement by us, mere an assessment of the dynamics) we all agree that it’s probably the end of the Green Brigade as a recognised group within Celtic Park.  We discuss the damage the banner of 7th October did or didn’t do to Celtic’s reputation and yes, we do get on to talk about football, specifically the Motherwell game.

We very rarely edit the podcast and tend to put out the audio “as live” (as the recent ‘mother-in-law comments showed) however at times the debate got a little heated and there is a small section where we all talk over each other and it’s pretty much unlistenable and so if there sounds like a jump in the recording, it’s where this bit was taken out.

Enjoy….(if you can).