Bodybuilding Hotties

Episode 319,   Nov 23, 2023, 01:00 AM

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Noel gives Cody a few birthday surprises. Plus, a 24,000 calorie olive oil taste test, a check in on the hotties of Mr Olympia, and why runners are the ultimate alpha male? 

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0:00 You did NOT!!
2:08 Intro
3:14 Happy Birthday Cody!
7:06 Cody’s Surfshack
9:24 Nick Walker is OUT
11:27 BetterHelp
12:48 Derek Lunsford Analysis
15:08 Body Builder Ass
18:23 C&N Do: Body Building
22:50 LA Beast Drinks Olive Oil
27:47 Drinking Straight Olive Oil
30:20 Expired Surstromming Tiktok
34:22 Subscribe to!
36:25 Eating a Can of Botulism
39:54 La Beast Eats 50 Raw Eggs
43:06 Watching in Solidarity
46:02 Cheesecake Factory QR Codes
48:34 To My Everlasting Partner
52:04 Cody is an Ugg Convert
53:16 Slutty Meals in San Diego
57:03 Runners are Alphas Confirmed?
1:00:34 Biohacking Your Age
1:01:40 Cody’s Fantasy Lineup
1:05:23 Heading to the BoneZone!