Keeping up with AI in health care: what we need to do next

Episode 38,   Nov 27, 2023, 06:30 AM

AI technologies are advancing rapidly. Yet when it comes to AI in health care we're still in the early stages. The prize could be big – the question is what will it take to realise the benefits?

The applications of AI in health care will be far-reaching and profound, from high-quality personalised treatment advice made instantly available to automated systems that can cut bureaucracy, free up staff time and reduce costs. 

All this is exciting and could help with some of the big challenges ahead. But what of the risks? The current emphasis among policymakers is on AI safety – but a range of other considerations will need attention like serving the public interest, inclusion, cost, accountability, autonomy, privacy and more. And how can the NHS and social care rapidly get up to speed with all these developments? 

Join our Chief Executive Jennifer Dixon on location with expert guests including: Effy Vayena (Professor of Bioethics at the Swiss Institute of Technology); Alastair Denniston (Consultant Ophthalmologist and Honorary Professor at the University of Birmingham); Ashish Jha (Dean of Public Health at Brown University) and David Cutler (Professor of Applied Economics at Harvard University).

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