#390: We Don’t Need No Education

Nov 29, 2023, 05:00 AM

The numbers for the testing of children in government schools are now available, and the statistics are shocking even by today’s low standards. Baltimore is a disaster and a microcosm of the broader American education catastrophe that is leaving an entire generation unable to excel in life. The setting up of an entire generation for failure through the education system is being made to happen by very powerful and wealthy families as a sort of sociological science project.

State-sanctioned indoctrination camps, otherwise known as colleges and universities, have become an incubator of Marxist ideology that would make Yuri Bezmenov crack a smile. Instead of encouraging free thought, they are going out of their way to stifle it by closing down dissent and mandating forced medical procedures on students who do not have the option to opt-out, a fundamental right of medical freedom and autonomy.

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