The UFO Incident That Shocked Ariel School: Telepathic Extraterrestrials

Episode 510,   Nov 28, 2023, 07:34 PM

September 14th, 1994 was a quiet night in Zimbabwe. Then suddenly, boom! An explosion startled people all over the country. Windows rattled. Doors shook. 

Shocked and confused, people sheepishly stepped outside to see what happened. Everything looked fine. They went back inside.

But one woman wasn't satisfied. Cynthia Hind drove around the capital city of Harare, searching for the source of the sound but, nothing seemed unusual. 

But back at home, Cynthia's phone rang relentlessly. She was a UFO investigator and witness reports were coming in one after another. The news claimed the sound was a sonic boom caused by a meteor shower. But Cynthia wasn't so sure.

Eyewitnesses near Lake Kariba described bizarre lights in the sky earlier that week. Lights in a row that moved erratically: fast then slow. First north to south. Then east to southwest. Meteors don't do that.

Cynthia suspected there was much more to the story. And two days later, she'd find out that she was right.