Men's Health Matters

Season 4, Episode 19,   Nov 29, 2023, 12:25 AM

Taking a stand in the business you build takes courage, vision and dedication. In this episode you'll a man on a mission who is doing exactly that in big bold ways with not just one but two businesses.

It's an honor to bring to THIS. with Shauna Griffiths, my friend, Joe Conrad, Founder & CEO of Grit Digital Health and Founder & CEO of Cactus Agency who believes in the power of innovation, creativity and technology to solve any problem.

You'll hear about the incredible purpose driven work his team at Cactus creates for clients, the groundbreaking digital mental health solutions developed by his team at Grit Digital Health including the global platform MAN THERAPY and more:

  • How We Help Brands & Companies Make Meaningful Impact
  • Man Therapy's Surprising Win in Men's Suicide Prevention
  • Business Evolution 101: CEO's Tips for Staying Nimble and True
  • Man Therapy's Impact on Men's Suicide - A Success Story
  • Why The Well-being of Your Team Matters 

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