Quantum Awakening Wave Episode 14: Quantum Healing to Activate Heart Alchemy for Soul Evolution

Nov 29, 2023, 10:03 AM

Receive a guided journey into the heart, to help you open your heart to receive more of you, and heal past wounds and traumas, release fears and limitations. 

This is a very powerful quantum technique that you can use daily. I'm also happy for you to share it with your client and family members once you have practised it for yourself for a little while.

This episode is a recording of the live transmission that was facilitated on YouTube.

Join me live on Sunday at 3pm Pacific Time for the next episode of The Quantum Awakening Wave - a live series where I share channeled teachings on Fractal Dynamics.

We are here to activate a tidal wave of accelerated awakening and spiritual evolution, so we can anchor the new Golden Age now and say goodbye to the old 3D matrix once and for all.

Learn about "trauma awakening" and why you most likely have some of these plug-ins in you, preventing you from accessing higher levels of consciousness.

Every episode is like a mini-surgery, helping you release old subconscious programming, traumas, and fears, so you can wake up to the truth of your own divine power and shift in greater alignment with your incredibly powerful soul.

We are the wave!!!

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