News With My Fiancé - Thursday, November 30th 2023

Season 3, Episode 32,   Nov 30, 2023, 10:47 PM

Intro music and Podcast edited by Kyle Gilmer of Residual Audio

Host Check In
  • Corporations are on demon time. Restaurant bots creating fake dates to get people to the restaurant and someone is stacking money to the ceiling by creating stories to get folks to use their referral link. 
  • House will vote on expelling Sassy Santos today 
  • Earth’s 100-year curse lifted, Henry Kissinger is dead!  
  • Numberz Membership Drive (Link in our bio)
  • (00:21:07) The PAT Strike is over, but the stain on PPS is foreva
  • (00:37:27) Look back at it: Accusations came flooding in as the Adult Survivors Act was set to expire. 

  1. (00:02:58) Hearing nothing after music intro 😅
  2. (00:03:14) Good. I missed nothing 🤣
  3. (00:03:18) Oh no! Hope Morgan feels better quick
  4. (00:03:32) That migraine needs to MIND its own business. Feel better MJ. 💕💕
  5. (00:13:28) Not are you a victim of dating scams 😭🤣
  6. (00:13:34) Also Morgan feeel better Sis! Get that magnesium, it's life changing.
  7. (00:16:20) Not drops Get her magnesium soak I'll find a link. Magnesium soaks have been life changing for me and was recommended to me by someone who has severe migraines.I kid you not baths have improved my health 🫶🏽
  8. (00:27:44) I have kids 10 and 14. I am a mess. I'm digging myself out a relapse into a 2020 kind of languishing
  9. (00:29:23) That week of winter break is gonna be like an understaffed day care. I'll be happy to be rid of my kids but they aren't gonna learn anything that week
  10. (00:30:00) Hey! Long time listener first time texter! 2 questions: how British should MCU's Blade be? Very or VERY? Also WHO should play Dracula?? Xoxo-Rudes Dewds
  11. (00:31:05) Pps is not a serious institution
  12. (00:35:26) Ok, while we are dunking on PPS, someone posted this on Facebook. PPS reposting the us news world report “top” middle schools in Oregon. Hmmm, what do these have in common? FFS. 
  13. (00:37:48) West sylvan that kid was stolen from years ago. Also these schools mad yt
  14. (00:38:05) Sylvan is pronounce Sill-vun. Fancy zip codes. White kids. Strong foundations!
  15. (00:38:15) They get all the resources 😩
  16. (00:38:17) These are all very very Yt neighborhoods
  17. (00:49:52) Judge away. These men are sick
  18. (00:58:56) had no idea about cuba!! droppin like flies over here
  19. it's *really* important for men to talk about this stuff but it so rarely happens. i appreciate you speaking truth to power. we can never live in a sexual assault-free society without the mobilization of men. THANK YOU
  20. Class size
  21. Money
Don’t let the individuals distract you from the systems
Poverty is a policy choice
People Over Profits
Power to the People
None of us are free until we are all free