Why I LOVE Redox Signalling Molecules? Because I'm a nerd? Probably!!!

Episode 103,   Nov 30, 2023, 11:14 PM

Are you looking to increase your knowledge – and feel empowered for your own health in 2024?   I am offering several levels of training across a couple of areas:

·        Health is Wealth Group $120 / year (cheap as chips!   Want some deep dives into some cool health stuff?)   12 sessions – so good 😊

·        Kinesiology for Meditation Group $222 / 12 per year:  This is live kinesi/ meditation groups.   Listen / watch / follow along with our online group.  

·        Kinesiology Balancing for the Home $600 / 8 months; online coaching; quick simple tools to use; add to your skills with bitesize learnings.  8 hours of training.  All recorded and accessible forever!

·        Combo of the above 3 offers: only $88 / month for 12 months

·        Kinesiology Foundations – 7 weeks training including past video recordings and a live zoom each week $1,200  Huge amount of awesome information – next round February 2024.  Pre-pay and get all previous video training NOW!!!

·        Combo of the above 4 offers – learn, experience, play, practice, have oodles of fun!  $199 / month for 12 months

·        Practitioner Excellence – enhance your clinic, the lives of your clients, get results with my favourite techniques – this is 15 months of coaching with me – once per week (excluding my holidays of course! 😊)   Massive value – techniques which work – proven, awesome energy & balances!    This is huge - 

·        A couple of affiliate products which are awesome in their own rights – Redox Signalling Molecules; Cerule Stem Enhance & Marine Collagen; Fully Purified Zeolites & AO Scan Bioresonance & Terrahertz Wands for the home – contact me for details.

·        All training is recorded and uploaded!  You’ll have them forever (technology challenges notwithstanding – that’s my plan!!) and watch at your convenience – anywhere around the world.

·        Frequency Healings – I am currently running 4 x programmes for frequency healings – in enhancing moods, v@ccine detox, neurological support, parasite detox…   I have 2 x 30 day energy / wealth / fresh start healings starting a few days before Christmas – minimum of 2 hours of frequencies broadcast from cell-to-soul.  Nothing to do on your end, once you’re in my device I pop you in the frequency groups and we have updates on our messenger pod 😊

I’m so excited about offering my training processes….

I love sharing information, training anyone and everyone - and communicating my knowledge, doing interviews, nutting out the best solutions for health and wellbeing in a crazy, mixed up world!

Contact me to book a 15 minute call to see if I can help you spice up your life with kinesiology, knowledge, proven techniques and lots of fun stuff on healthteam@newleafnaturaltherapies.com.au.     Other contacts last page 😊

1.     Online “Health Is Wealth” Group

Ø  12 x 30-45 minute live zooms per year on health topics!  Permanent video library you can access.  Private Facebook Group access for our group.

Ø  Absolute bargain of only $120 per year!

Ø  Join anytime for 12 months of live zooms

Ø  Updated videos throughout the year as more questions arise throughout the year about topics we’ve covered.   Snippets may be published on YouTube / Rumble / Bitchute – whole topics exclusively for tribe members.

Ø  10% off supplement retail price*

Ø  10% off full price treatments, testing, consultations

Ø  Starts January 2024


o   Sign me up!!

2.      Basic Online Group “Kinesiology for Meditation”

Ø  12 x 30-40 minute sessions – with a quick discussion with members prior to ‘balance’ – which leads us to a guided kinesiology session designed specifically for the biggest needs of our tribe

Ø  Snippets may be published on YouTube / Rumble / Bitchute after 60 days but whole discussions and sessions exclusively for our tribe members.

Ø  Total bargain of only $222 per year!

Ø  Join anytime for 12 months of live zooms

Ø  10% off supplement retail price*

Ø  10% off full price treatments, testing, consultations

Ø  Starts January 2024


o   Sign me up!!

3.     Primary Kinesiology “Balancing for the Home”!

Ø  8 hours training over 8 months.

Ø  Enjoy all zooms over and over – recorded, saved and in your private FB group & messenger POD

Ø  1 hour per month.  Bitesize pieces of information you can practice, use, demonstrate and perfect!

Ø  Coaching and questions via our messenger POD and group

Ø  Join anytime and catch up on videos at your own pace – practice, practice, practice!

Ø  Get questions to the group – and they’ll be answered for the whole group – everyone thinks the same and has the same questions when they’re starting kinesiology / muscle monitoring.

Ø  Great back-up of information on our Private Facebook Group & Private Messenger Pod - so that you can ask questions – feel heard, make sure you understand the basics!

Ø  You will have small balances you can use so that you can bring your family back into balance, quickly and easily.

Ø  Bring the brain back into balance, access information about different organs in the body, find out what is a major issue in the body!

Ø  Only $600!

Ø  15% off supplement retail price*
 15% off full price treatments, testing, consultations

Ø  https://app.simpleclinic.net/index.php/public/workshop/index/7wGX8

Ø  Starts January 2024

4.      Combo of the above 3!

Ø  $942 total per year / $888 upfront!

Ø  $88 / month / 12 months in the triple-package pay-it-as-I-go package

Ø  Includes 3 x private facebook groups for questions & solutions

Ø  Includes 3 x private messenger PODS for questions & problem solving

Ø  We’re learning about health – simultaneously to some kinesiology tools – simultaneously working through self-healing-meditations to help us heal.

Ø  Video footage of all 3 groups available while you are part of our tribe!

Kinesiology Foundations

Ø  7 week online training in Madonna’s Foundations for Kinesiology Excellence!!

Ø  This is so much more than Basic Kinesiology.

o   It’s foundations in the techniques I’ve been using for nearly 30 years that I love to teach people – that allow awesome balances, huge shifts in core energy problems, big energy/organ/immune balancing

o   7 weeks of coaching – ask your questions in our POD / Facebook Group and I (or our tribe) will respond ASAP

o   High level training of techniques that I use every day in my clinic.

o   I’ve had worldwide students with zero kinesiology tools – 37 years of kinesiology tools – everyone learns so much information and you get your questions answered in this 7 week training schedule!

o   Each week for 7 weeks

§  80-90 minutes live each week

§  Access immediately to all previous videos to watch from previous 2 rounds of Kinesiology Foundations – over 35 hours of footage, training, chats & conversations.

§  $1200 up front

§  $132 over 10 weeks

§  $72 over 20 weeks

§  Combo of the above 4 groups $199 / month 12 months

o   20% off full price treatments, testing, consultations

o   15% off full price supplements

o   Paid upfront by 31st December, 2023 and receive the 

§  Health is Wealth 

§  Kinesiology for Mediations

§  Balancing for the Home

·        Groups for 20% off

·        Previous Tribe Members can choose 20% off these groups as well 😊

Distance BioResonance Frequencies 

·        Frequency Healings – I am currently running 3 x 21 day - 4 x programmes for frequency healings:  (these will be repeated!)  Minimum 2 hours remote frequency medicine daily!   They are listed as ‘workshops’ but only because that’s the only way I know to create a group on my 

o   in enhancing moods

o   v@ccine detox

o   neurological support

o   parasite detox 14 days/month over 3 months

o   I have 2 x 32 day 

§  mood and energy OR 

§  health and wealth OR 

§  chronic pain / toxicity issues:  24th December -  Christmas – minimum of 2 hours of frequencies broadcast from cell-to-soul.  

o   Nothing to do on your end, once you’re in my device I pop you in the frequency groups and we have updates on our messenger pod 😊 only $200 new clients on my Device (includes EZYScan Report with your personal frequencies to play daily!) OR $110 for clients on my device.   24th December – 26th January 😊

o   Let’s start the New Year with a bang!!

Practitioner Excellence

Ø  This is aimed at practitioners who want to take their abilities to the next level, whatever profession they are in! 

Ø  One training each week (pre-recorded) and one live per week

Ø  Other masterclasses where appropriate!

Ø  I have never used any individual processes in kinesiology exclusively – luckily I had some amazing trainers and found a great combination of structural kinesiology, brain integration techniques, immune protocols, organs, chakras, heart healings and so much more!