Explant 101

Episode 39,   Dec 03, 2023, 03:52 AM

Welcome to my first solo episode in a little while!

I thought now that I had been through my own explant surgery and have also spoken with many women who have shared what helped them with explanting that I would wrap all of the information up in to one episode. I hope this is helpful for anyone planning to explant soon.

This episode covers:
- Getting the referral to a specialist from your GP
- Selecting a specialist
- Preparing for your surgery including what to buy
- What to pack in your hospital bag
- What to do on the day of the surgery

This episode also lines up with the release of some free resources that I have made. I have saved these resources in an open Google Drive folder. There is also a Visitor's Book in the folder so please say hello! The folder can be found here:

I also mention Professor Deva's study on safer breast implants. If you are explanting in Australia, please sign up: https://saferbreastimplants.org/breast-implant-removal/

And if you are explanting in Australia, make sure your surgeon logs your surgery with the Australian Breast Device Registry: https://abdr.org.au/

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