The Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum: A Conversation with Heather Roesch

Season 3, Episode 9,   Dec 03, 2023, 10:00 PM

If you know me, you know how much I adore the Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum in Atchison Kansas. It’s a place that’s special to me for many reasons.

Back in 2017, my wife and I brought our production for the Chasing Earhart documentary there, and we were welcomed with open arms. So much so, that we were allowed to shoot over 20 interview segments there over the course of that year’s Amelia Earhart Festival.

At the time, the museum was in the shadow of its recently retired director and caretaker Lousie Foudary, for whom tonight’s conversation is lovingly dedicated.

Six years later, I have the honor of sitting down with Executive Director for the museum Heather Roesch, who in my opinion, is doing a wonderful job of carrying the legacies of not one woman, but two. 

Tonight is a conversation 6 years in the making. This is Heather Roesch of the Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum.