Life Lessons from Life Day Wookies

Episode 151,   Dec 04, 2023, 10:14 AM

Welcome back to "Disney, Eh?", the Disney travel podcast from a Canadian perspective. Join us - Brandon and Krysta - for a "Deep Dive" episode - Holiday Style! This week we're diving in to the Star Wars Holiday Special. It's... well, it's something. We also discuss just what Life Day is and how the parks are celebrating it this year. We introduce you to Chewbacca's family and chat all about the plot of the special - yes, even that scene with Itchy! We even revisit some of the initial critical reviews of the special, and Brandon has a lot of theories about just what the heck is even going on. Plus, as always, Better Know a Listener, the Disney news catching our attention this week, and Brandon invents a drink - which sounds about as good as you'd expect with this special as the inspiration.

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