Think You're a Good Leader? Listen This to Be Sure

Season 4, Episode 20,   Dec 05, 2023, 03:31 PM

This week's edition of THIS. with Shauna Griffiths features one of the most authentic, impactful Leadership Athletes working in the front office in professional sports.

Joe Stetson, Chief Commercial Officer at the New York Red Bulls, is a 20+ year vet who’s known for re-imagining iconic brands & generating record revenues. He made his mark at the likes of Madison Square Garden, the Brooklyn Nets, and now he's blazing a new path at The Red Bulls. His work has always been at the intersection of growing business and developing people, and he gets results in both areas! All the while, he defies traditional stereotypes in the best of ways. 

If you watch to catch a great leader in action - WATCH THIS. 

  • Day in the Life of CCO Joe Stetson at Red Bulls
  • How to Create a Culture of Growth and Collaboration in the Workplace 
  • How to Lead Effectively
  • What Brands Need to Know About Sports Partnerships
  • A Closer Look at Soccer's Direct Impact on Communities
  • 00:02 - Intro 
  • 00:56 - Guest Intro 
  • 01:00 - How Shauna met Joe 
  • 06:07 - Day in the Life of a Chief Commercial Officer 
  • 08:30 - Joe's Evolution 
  • 14:27 - Joe's Leadership Style 
  • 24:48 - What is Happening in the Sport Marketing Space
  • 27:09 - Why Brands Should Partner with Major League Soccer (MLS)
  • 30:59 - What to Expect in 2024 
  • 34:23 - Key Takeaway 
  • 35:58 - Wrap up
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