Athena: Friends in Need

Episode 346,   Dec 06, 2023, 08:30 AM

Tales of everyone's favorite Olympian in charge of warfare, wisdom (& crafts!): Athena. Well, everyone's favorite except for anyone who has been led to a grisly adventurer fate by her. Or been turned into a monster by her. Or has adopted a snake from her. Or...

The creature is Hyena Man! He's way worse than the DC Comics supervillain that shares his name because he will literally eat children.

Hyena men:



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"Elderberry" by Chad Crouch
"Freesia" by Chad Crouch
"Delham Corner" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Darkened Treeline" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Qi" by Blue Dot Sessions
"La Focsa" by Blue Dot Sessions