Loremen S5Ep12 - The Hollow of the Seckyban

Season 5, Episode 12,   Dec 07, 2023, 01:00 AM

If you’re walking home late one night, and you hear something rolling along beside you – beware! You might have encountered the Sac Bàn - AKA the Seckyban or the White Sack. Alasdair chills James to his marrow with the legend of a creature who rolls around the byways of Scotland like an angry pudding. You see, a sighting of the White Sack means death!

From the Hollow of the White Sack to the Creagan Change House, this episode features several dodgy pronunciations, sixteen old men, two noms de plume, and the longest trip to the off license in folklore history.

LoreBoys nether say die!

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