Hour 2: Will Levis, Jonathan Hutton, Phones (12-06-23)

Dec 06, 2023, 08:19 PM

In the second hour of Caroline Willy and D-Mase, Caroline and the guys listen in to Will Levis’ press conference. Will spoke on his decision-making and his need to do better. Listen to hear more. Later in the hour,  Outkick’s Jonathan Hutton as he talked about the Titans and the front office. Hutton shared his thoughts about Mike Vrabel’s decision-making to let go of Craig Aukerman and how much Amy Adams Strunk is involved with the decision-making. Hutton was also asked about the team and the defense and what they are missing. How big of an impact is Jeffery Simmons on this defense? Let us know. Listen to hear more. Later in the hour, Caroline and the guys discuss Mike Vrabel and the Titans going forward. To end the hour, they answer some calls and texts about the Titans.