Putting Flaps on a Map (The Season - Maybe Series- Finale!) with The Quite Unusual Podcast

Episode 166,   Dec 06, 2023, 11:25 PM

Pull out your humanoid catalogs and put your flaps on a map, it’s time for the season (maybe series?!) finale of Our Strange Skies. On this episode Nicole and Noëlle from The Quite Unusual Podcast stop by to talk about the landmark publication, The Humanoids. With the even longer subtitle of “a survey of World-Wide reports of landings of unconventional aerial objects and their alleged Occupants…” this special edition of Britain’s Flying Saucer Review was the first of its kind, devoted solely to the humanoids that UFO investigators and the press had largely ignored to this point.

We dive into this document, the larger implications it offers, what the true meaning of alien contact is, and we put all of these flaps up on map. Is Earth basically just a timeshare for aliens? Do they visit us at our most mundane moments? Are the Men in Black real estate brokers and did they pay Ed Walters to make Gulf Breeze more attractive to alien tourists? Why is the onesie the most efficient form of clothing? We explore this and so much more!

“The Humanoids” edited by Charles Bowen, Flying Saucer Review, Special Issue #1, October-November 1966

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