HMRC Issue Warning to UK Landlords!!

Episode 19,   Dec 19, 2023, 07:00 PM

In this week's installment of The Property Investors Podcast, hosts Russell Leeds (@russellleeds) and Ricci Mandal (@riccimandal) delve into the contentious world of property investment taxes. Amidst recent headlines, they scrutinise the HMRC's latest warnings to UK landlords, a subject crucial for anyone keen to safeguard their investment returns.

Section 24, also known as the 'tenant tax', has stirred up much debate, creating a challenging climate for property owners. Our hosts will break down the complexities of this regulation, which has significant implications for landlords' profits and the UK housing market.

The episode promises a thorough examination of legal and ethical strategies for tax mitigation. With the spotlight on two companies, Property118 and Less Tax for Landlords, accused of devising schemes to circumvent Section 24 tax, Russell and Ricci will provide valuable insights into what constitutes tax evasion versus tax avoidance.

Additionally, they will explore the ripple effects on housing prices and rental rates as landlords contemplate exit strategies to combat the financial strain. With an informative yet accessible approach, the discussion will touch on alternative avenues such as serviced accommodation to combat tax burdens.

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