Espresso Martini: An alleged Cuban Mole, Traders profiting off 7th October attack and Israeli Intelligence Failures

Season 8, Episode 16,   Dec 08, 2023, 03:07 PM

On todays episode we will be looking at what the Israeli Intelligence services may have known before the 7th October Hamas terrorist attack. We will then look at reports of traders who may have benefited from the attacks. We have a developing spy scandal involving an alleged Cuban mole within the US State Department, and we will wrap up looking at a developing situation between Venezuela and Guyana over an oil-rich disputed territory. 

On Extra Shot, our exclusive Patreon show that follows this, we will be looking at the financing of Hamas, the ongoing ideological debate within US universities over the 7th October attacks, aggressive Sonar use by the Chinese navy targeting Australian naval divers, and we will end at reports of Ukrainian action against the main railway between Russia and China. 

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Articles discussed in Espresso Martini

Israel Knew Hamas’s Attack Plan More Than a Year Ago

Unknown traders appear to have anticipated October 7 Hamas attack, research finds

Former career US diplomat charged with secretly spying for Cuban intelligence for decades

Cuban Spy Service Dazzles Again

‘Despotic’ Maduro accused of risking Venezuela-Guyana  conflict over oil-rich region

Articles Discussed on Extra Shot

Hamas’s Main Source of Funding Might Surprise You

A Tale of Two Ivory Towers

Australia says, China navy used sonar pulses against divers

Ukraine's Security Service blows up railway linking Russia and China

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