Wendy's Nightlights on Youtube - and the [ paranormal ] Kicker

Dec 08, 2023, 07:08 PM

“Free yourself from the consensus reality boondoggle and the truly extraordinary becomes visible. You will then understand why there is no telling, only knowing. In knowing, One is complete. In questioning, one forgets. In being, One becomes.”

Anything is possible. Life is a contradiction. Determine your focus.

“The more I experiment with telepathy the more is the conviction driven in upon me that the mind uses the body as a temporary two-legged telephone for purposes of communication at short range with other minds, but that it no more ceases to exist when the body dies than we cease to exist when we ring off the telephone.”W. T. Stead, 1894

This podcast segment has a nightlight backstory anomaly. Prior to my recent youtube video upload 2/2, I shared them with an Author/Telekinesis Researcher who has graciously consented to my sharing of this story.

I have followed him on Twitter/X and am glad he is sharing his work. When I requested an interview he politely declined, but indicated he would be open to email interaction. I decided to share information about my nightlight experience. 

He checked it out and suggested a few options for the activity - including paranormal - but also likely that the activity was an indication the bulb was burning out.

Given the activity is not limited to one light - and has been interactive for over 25 years I know the bulb is not an issue. That doesn't mean he should believe that without further interaction.

However, I can demonstrate another aspect by providing a recent video of the activity. And I just happened to have recorded 2 new videos taken while staying at a B&B in Texas as we visited Andy's family.

And that is where it got interesting.... Before receiving his reply, I spilled water near the power strip with the nightlight on it. As I was mopping up the water, the light blinked twice. I was surprised. Offering a greeting, I said, "Hello, you're awake."

The light had remained off most of the time after we returned home. That was it - just a short blink. Then -- I discovered his email -- and the quirky problem my videos had triggered.

Given what I have experienced with my nightlights, I believe that short interactive blink was a wink...

Listen for the rest of the story. I added a blog post referencing this segment. Link.

Video Description on the Youtube post 1/of 2: December 2023 is the anniversary of my connection with The Energy - a paranormal anomaly -  the entity signals the engagement with me via the nightlight. This video is an on-location example of the interactivity. I do not control it. The interaction has been ongoing since December 1997.  (In other nightlights and lamps as well.) I have posted a daylight video for comparison.

When this contact started, I began actively working with my spirit guides. PSI awareness increased and I learned to channel. Mediumship encounters became more frequent. It's been incredibly enlightening and interesting.  Reality is fascinating. Thank you for viewing.  *This nightlight is appx 20-25 years old.

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Mentioned in this segment: James A. Conrad, Ingo Swann (Interview with Elly Flippen), Terence McKenna, Michael Tymn, and Lisa Martin.