Creating A Clear Vision for Success | Deeper Than Dough - Trina Celeste

Episode 54,   Dec 11, 2023, 02:00 PM

Welcome to "Deeper Than Dough," where insightful discussions take center stage! In this episode, host Bennett welcomes the remarkable Trina Celeste for an engaging conversation that navigates the dynamic landscape of modern life and the tech industry's impact on families. From empowering women through the Tech Moms movement to exploring the flexible nature of tech jobs, this episode unravels the threads of balancing career and family life.

Join the conversation as they dive into prioritization—reminiscent of tending to a flourishing garden—and explore ways to crystalize your vision and purpose. Discover the invaluable strength found in community and camaraderie within the tech sphere and unlock the secrets of goal achievement using the VK model.

The dialogue takes an empathetic turn, touching upon the sensitive yet vital topics of mental health and navigating through difficult moments, including discussions around suicide. Additionally, delve into the intricacies of building new relationships through effective communication and setting healthy boundaries.

Ultimately, this episode encourages embracing change and growth, emphasizing the liberating journey of letting go of desires to pave the way for a more fulfilled life. Tune in for an engaging exchange that's sure to leave you inspired and motivated!

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