[Chaplain Peggy] If It's Not Fixed, It's Forwarded

Episode 48,   Dec 22, 2023, 08:03 AM

Content warning: abuse, child abuse, gun violence, grief, loss, death, and murder.

Chaplain Peggy has been a victim and patient advocate for over twenty years. She found her calling after America faced mass tragedy on September 11th 2001. After that day, she felt forced to answer a deeper call to serve her community, especially for those members in greater need. She also is co-host on the impactful podcast, Near Death, with Nikki Boyer, on which she shares more about her grief work. This conversation with Chaplain Peggy is deeply appreciated. This is also the very first interview we have conducted with an advocate that does not identify as a victim herself, but who has brought much healing and support to the victim community. We are so very grateful for her work with victims and other patients alike, as well as this candid conversation about the intricacies of her experiences as a chaplain in the most populous county in the United States.

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