16| The Notorious Nutty Putty Cave Incident

Dec 27, 2023, 05:00 AM

** I’m SORRY for the audio on this one. New microphones and now a new computer are coming!**

It’s a story as old as time (ehhem, 2009)

Where one man braves this world (I mean cave) and everything it has to offer

And his adventure (misadventure?) lead to his name being echoed through crowds

And this crowd (of rescuers) will never forget it.

Find out why, or re-immerse yourself in this story!

The outdoors are a beautiful that can be filled with light and bliss and many different ways to bring yourself closer to those you love and yourself. But they can also be filled with terror and death, imminent and oppressive. Join me as we dig into these stories that inspire you to be just a little bit more careful while you’re in the outdoors. Please rate and subscribe from whatever listening platform you use.

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