The Sayers Family

Episode 66,   Dec 30, 2023, 08:14 AM

Paul Stansby is a seasoned podcast host and interviewer, known for his engaging and insightful conversations with a wide range of guests. In his latest episode, Paul has the pleasure of welcoming Tony and Albert Sayers from the renowned Sayers family. 

Tony and Albert Sayers are members of the influential Sayers family, known for their remarkable contributions to the culinary world. With a rich history spanning generations, the Sayers family has built an extensive and known legacy 

During the podcast interview, Paul delves into the fascinating journey of the Sayers family, exploring their humble beginnings, 
And how they started as market traders.

Tony and Albert also discuss the challenges they've faced along the way, the evolving landscape of the food industry, and their vision for the future of the Sayers family as well as the book published with there history (a bread apart)

Listeners can expect an engaging and inspiring conversation as Paul Stansby skillfully guides the discussion, extracting valuable nuggets of wisdom and uncovering the untold stories behind the Sayers family's success.