34 years as a B&B owner - insights from Marie Davies

Season 7, Episode 9,   Dec 31, 2023, 01:44 PM

- Remain adaptable and able to pivot 
- You don't have to take everybody 
- Define who you would most like to welcome 
- OTAs don't own you, they work FOR you
- Airbnb is not the competition, they cater to a different market 
- Maintain higher prices to reflect the high value you offer 
- Platforms have attracted a new demographic that aren't interested in true hospitality 
- Many B&Bs (especially Airbnbs) went out of business during the pandemic, because they don't "own" anything 
- There are always people with money, willing to spend it on what they value 
- Creating your own paycheck is different from working for someone else 
- Do you have what it takes?
- The future of traditional B&Bs