Ep 009 - Emerging Themes To Watch Out For

Episode 9,   Jan 04, 06:26 AM

India has leapfrogged from being among the fragile five in 2014 to emerge as the most resilient economy which is predicted to become the third largest economy by 2027. 
The IMF expects India to be the fastest growing economy till 2028, growing above 6% every single year. 

Among the 13 large economies in Goldman Sachs Research’s global outlook for 2024, India’s projected growth rate is the highest at 6.2%.  With the growing economy, there are many new themes and opportunities which are emerging for investors in the market today. 

In this episode, Aniruddha Naha, CIO – Alternates, PGIM India Asset Management chats with Ankit Jain from PGIM India Mutual Fund about these opportunities.