How We Analyse ANY Property Deal!

Episode 20,   Jan 09, 07:00 PM

Are you eager to crack the code of successful property investing? This week on the Property Investors Podcast, join hosts Russell Leeds and Ricci Mandal for an educational yet lighthearted journey into the critical world of property deal analysis. 

In this episode, the knowledgeable duo breaks down the intricate process, ensuring you understand how to examine potential property investments like a seasoned pro. They'll guide you through their proven strategies, ensuring you're equipped with the tools to make informed, profitable decisions. 

Whether you're a budding investor or looking to refine your entrepreneurial skills, this enlightening discussion is tailored to help you navigate the property market with confidence. You'll learn how to scrutinize the numbers, assess the risks, and unlock the true value in every opportunity.

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Stay connected with Russell and Ricci to get more insider tips and inspiring success stories. Follow Russell on Instagram @russellleeds and Ricci @riccimandal for your daily dose of property investment wisdom. Tune in now for this must-listen episode and take the first step towards mastering the art of property deal analysis!