The Business of Coaching with Joanna Lott

Season 4, Episode 2,   Jan 10, 07:00 AM

Get ready for a deep dive into the dynamic world of coaching! Join Jane as she chats with the incredible Joanna Lott. They unravel the mysteries surrounding the booming coaching industry, debunking myths, and uncovering the lack of regulation.

Joanna's journey from a corporate employee to a daring entrepreneur is an adventure in itself! She tells us how she discovered her niche and conquered the emotions that come with entrepreneurship. Hold on tight as she shares her secrets to balancing the pursuit of self-employment with the joys of family life, proving that you can indeed have it all!

Joanna helps qualified coaches build brilliant businesses - with honesty, not hype. If you're a coach passionate about making a difference for your clients and growing a successful coaching business, Joanna can help you stand out and secure more clients. Discover more about Joanna's approach by visiting her website Joanna Lott Coaching, you can also follow her over on Instagram or find her here on LinkedIn.

And, if you're a Coach interested in joining the Careering into Motherhood partnership programme, find out more here  where you'll also find details of all of our Coaching Partners and a library full of coaching tools to help working mums find fulfilment.