The Good The Bad The Dumb - 01/08/2024

Episode 4209,   Jan 08, 05:21 PM

  • Good
    • Owners doing the right thing...
      • Mark Cuban is giving #Mavericks employees $35 million in bonuses as a thank you after selling the team #MFFL
      • #JoeFlacco's deal includes a $75K incentive for each game he plats 50% of the snaps, the #Browns converted that to being on the 53 man roster as he sat yesterday's game #DawgPound
  • Bad
    • #JameisWinston and #JamaalWilliams going rogue with their final second play call - #DennisAllen wanted them to take a knee, instead they ran a run play that Williams scored on. #Saints
  • Dumb
    • Horrible time to bomb, I'm talking about comedian #JoKoy at the #GoldenGlobes last night.
      • he made a sexist joke about #Barbie
      • but in our world (sports), it's his joke about the Golden Globes showing less of #TaylorSwift that fell the flattest. #Swifties